Quality Assurance Compliance


At DialTech, we pride ourselves in the highest standards of practice in both quality and compliance. These reflect in our core values, and are instilled in the mindset of every employee at DialTech. Through our 96% accurate personality profile analysis tool, i.e. PDP, we ensure that people with a quality-oriented mindset are assigned to the Quality Assurance Department. Our Quality Assurance staff is thoroughly trained and ample enough to ensure a 1:15 QA evaluator to agent ratio.

We don’t take on any task unless its quality and compliance parameters are fully defined. We have dedicated departments for quality and compliance that incorporate strict checks and balances to ensure that our end products are up to par before they are sent to the clients. We have defined channels and platforms of communication so that all our departments are on the same page with Quality Assurance. This method assures that any changes to the guidelines and policies, big or small, are implemented smoothly and without us missing a beat. Quality supersedes quantity any day of the week at DialTech.

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